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With Anxiety & OCD Therapy

I understand how challenging it can be to find yourself in a space filled with anxietywhere everyday activities become a source of stress. Thoughts like “I feel crazy” or “I don’t know why I’m doing this” may be echoing in your mind, creating a sense of uncertainty and hopelessness.

Navigating through life with these internal battles often results in a cycle that may feel impossible to break – feeling afraid, lacking control of your actions or emotions, fulfilling your obligations, but turning down invitations to do things you may enjoy, hidng and isolating, experiencing shame and judgment.

It’s a tough spot to be in, and many try to figure it out alone, only to encounter frustration and despair as their efforts fall short.

Without change, this cycle persists, and the consequences are significant, including…

Continued isolation, deepening hopelessness, and an ongoing emotional struggle.

Recognizing the need for change is the first courageous step toward breaking free from this cycle. 

You’re not alone in this, and together, we can find a path towards a life where you feel more connected, confident, and in control.

Therapy with Allie offers a safe space to...

> Talk about what you’re experiencing without judgement, shame, or guilt.

> Better understand yourself and articulate what you’re feeling.

> Get support with developing coping mechanisms.

> Receive helpful tools and build skills to help you manage your anxiety and OCD.

So that you may...

> Develop an unwavering sense of safety and security, finally feeling like you can trust again.

> Feel worthy of what you love, including friends, family, and partners.

> Have a better sense of control over your obsessions and compulsions.

> Feel capable, like you can say “I feel proud of myself” and “I did things I never thought I could.”

Therapy specializing in...

Allie Kessel, LCSW, Virtual therapy, Online Therapy for Anxiety and OCD in New Jersey and California

While occasional anxiety is a normal part of life, excessive or chronic anxiety can interfere with daily functioning, significantly impacting your quality of life. Online therapy can help you manage and alleviate the effects of anxiety, promoting a healthier and more balanced mental state.


You may find yourself caught in a cycle of intrusive and distressing thoughts that trigger an overwhelming urge to perform specific rituals or compulsions. Online therapy can help you manage and reduce the impact of obsessions and compulsions, improving your mental health.

Allie Kessel, LCSW, Virtual therapy, Online Therapy for Anxiety and OCD in New Jersey and California
Allie Kessel, LCSW, Virtual therapy, Online Therapy for Anxiety and OCD in New Jersey and California

Adults & Teens

In therapy with teens and adults, online therapy sessions are focused on creating a safe, supportive space. They are tailored to the unique needs of each age group, provide an opportunity for self-reflection, and the development of coping strategies.

As a therapist offering Anxiety and OCD therapy in California and New Jersey, my objective is to foster a supportive, safe, and secure environment, welcoming each client with warmth. With specialities in Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), I am an expert therapist offering online counseling that creates lasting results. Together, we’ll embark on a journey to deepen your self-understanding, clarify priorities, and collaborate on the anxiety and OCD healing process.


“Allie is the best therapist for anxiety and OCD!”

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Success Stories

Therapy clients were able to overcome their anxiety of driving. Those who were once afraid of driving are now driving on the freeway without unnecessary stress


Therapy clients were able to overcome their anxiety of public places. Those who were once afraid to talk to new people are now confidently approaching them, going out, and dating again…

You're not alone.

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