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You can break free from anxiety & OCD

If you resonate with phrases like ‘I’m so anxious,’ ‘I feel crazy,’ or ‘I don’t know what to do,’ know that you’re not alone. Many have feelings of uncertainty, fear, worry, and hopelessness when they find themselves experiencing anxiety and OCD.

But here’s the assurance — you’re not crazy, and there is a way forward that allows you to overcome your anxiety, manage your OCD, and experience peace, feeling like you have a sense of control over your life again.


If you’re feeling anxious…

You may have a variety of thoughts can be negative, irrational, or exaggerated, and they may reinforce the cycle of anxiety, including:


> Expecting the worst possible outcome in a situation, even if it’s unlikely to happen.

> Taking a single negative event and expecting it to be a pattern, applying it to all areas of life.

> Believing that others are judging or negatively evaluating you, even without concrete evidence.

> Setting unrealistically high standards for yourself and fearing failure or making mistakes.

> Taking responsibility for events or situations beyond your control, assuming you are the cause of negative outcomes.

> Believing that you have little or no control over your circumstances, contributing to feelings of helplessness.

> Predicting negative outcomes in the future without evidence, assuming the worst will happen.

> Setting rigid rules for yourself and others, leading to feelings of guilt or inadequacy when these expectations aren’t met.


If you’ve been avoiding things due to anxiety or questioning why you feel this way, it’s a clear sign it’s time to change. 


How can therapy help anxiety?

Through therapy, individuals can learn to reframe these thoughts, promoting more realistic and balanced thinking.


If you have OCD…


You may have a variety of obsessions and compulsions, and they may reinforce the cycle of OCD, including:


> Feeling overwhelmed by unwanted and distressing thoughts that feel intrusive and challenging to control.
> Engaging in repetitive behaviors or mental acts as a response to obsessive thoughts, often in an attempt to alleviate anxiety.

> Worrying about potential negative outcomes or consequences if compulsive rituals are not performed, even if logically improbable.

> Feeling emotionally drained due to the constant cycle of intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors.

> Engaging in avoidance behaviors to prevent triggering obsessive thoughts or to minimize the need for compulsive rituals.


If you resonate with these experiences, know that there is support available to help you navigate through these challenges and work towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.


How can therapy help OCD?

Together, we can explore coping mechanisms for anxiety and OCD, paving a path towards understanding, healing, and regaining control.

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Online therapy can help you manage and alleviate the effects of anxiety, promoting a healthier and more balanced mental state.

Online therapy can help you manage and reduce the impact of obsessions and compulsions, fostering a better quality of life.

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I acknowledge you may have more questions or concerns. Below, there are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you don't see your question answered here, please contact me using the contact page, email, or by booking a consultation call.

Our first step is ensuring I am the right therapist for you! We can do this on a free, 15-minute consultation call where we explore how I can best support you and explain a little more about my process.

All therapy sessions are 50 minutes and offered virtually to clients residing in California or New Jersey. During our initial session, we’ll discuss informed consent, explore your background, primary concerns, and what prompted you to seek out therapy services. Together, we’ll assess what you’d like to accomplish in therapy, and in ongoing sessions, we will work toward making those goals real possibilities for you.

Individual therapy sessions cost $220 per session.

I am not in network with insurances providers at this time. I can provide superbills that you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement through out of network benefits as requested. 

I request therapy sessions be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. In the event that a therapy session is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, you will still be responsible for paying the full cost of the session.